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Good Marketing Strategy

Marketing your business doesn’t only require a good amount of money but a good marketing strategy as well. You will need a good marketing strategy before you start with any sort of online or offline advertising. A good marketing plan will make sure that you reach your targeted audience at the right time and with the right amount of money.  The business or marketing plan is the one that lets you decide your targeted market and what you are going to do with that statistics. Here are five creative advertising ideas to boost your brand’s presence.

advertising Good Marketing Strategy Good Marketing Strategy advertising Creative Story-telling

Who wouldn’t enjoy a good story? Well, everyone likes a story. Still, many  businesses fail in this part, as they need to create short commercials of 5-10 seconds  which isn’t enough for storytelling. However, as a business owner it is your  responsibility to come up with something creative like story-telling to grab the  attention of your targeted audience. Pushing your product right after few seconds  isn’t good at all and it will definitely not be appreciated by the audience, so it is  much better to tell a story first. In fact, some of the most popular TV commercials  didn’t had anything specific relation with the company but still they were able to out-perform normal TV commercials. Which in turn, made a large number of people aware about the company and the product/services they offer.

Viral Videos

If your targeted audience is – youngsters or middle aged men/women, you should create short and informative videos that can be easily shared on social networks. Since, most of the youngsters are active for more than an hour a day, it is most likely for your video to go viral if it has something creative on it. Do remember about the ease of sharing, or else the video won’t go as viral as it should be.

Traditional media

Is traditional media dead? The simple and short answer is NO. Traditional media like magazines and newspapers are still being read by a large number of people and it will be a great deal if you can target your desired audience with it. Advertising in newspapers and magazines are much cheaper than TV and the internet. You can capture your desired audience’s attention by making use of a well-written copy with the right visual elements. Make your ads interactive and engaging, you can grab more attention by starting a contest or by hiding your message under the fold.

Transit Ads

Coming on to Transit Ads, transit ads aren’t only about putting your business ads on the sides or buses or trains. Come up with a creative advertise that makes people think or look at your ad again. It is much better to invest your money on creating an innovative advertisement than to pay actor/actress for featuring them in your ads.

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd Sourcing is the process of enlisting a group of people to share their skills while making an ad. Just for an example, say you sell cookies in the international market, you can ask the internet community to bring up an innovative idea for an advertisement or ask them for a creative poster. This won’t only make your task easier but it will also help your brand to grab attention even before the product is actually being sold in the market.

There are many more ways to advertise your brand but the ultimate and the best ones are those which are truly innovative and fresh. It is totally up to your business to decide what works out the best and then consider changing your advertising plans.

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