Cloud Storage 5 Best Free Online Cloud storage 5 Best Free Online Cloud storage Cloud StorageA number of Cloud storage options are available on the internet. While certain service providers offer free cloud storage services others may charge you for the same. Below mentioned are some good options if you are looking for free cloud storage: is known for its design and the social media tools it offers. It is compatible with the Microsoft images, files, mp3 files, Photoshop, flash video and many other applications. does not offer shell integration however, it does integrate with Zoho and Google. You get three kinds of account levels to choose from; these are as follows:

  • Free account: It offers 5GB free storage space.
  • Monthly Subscription account: You can avail 25GB storage space for a monthly charge of $10. You can also opt for 50GB storage space by paying $20 per month.
  • Business account: It is also a paid account and offers 500 GB storage space.

You can easily create private folders and share them with others by clicking on the share button. allows quick and easy uploads and is quite user-friendly.

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5GB free storage space. You can also get additional storage space by paying $1 per GB/year. You can easily upload as well as download files using windows explorer. Its uploading and downloading process does not consume much time. However, one major drawback of this site is that there is no privacy guarantee under this.
Google Docs
Google Docs give you a free storage space of 1 GB. You are allowed to upload a file as big as 1 GB. However, it is recommended to convert your files into the Google Docs format as these docs consume lesser space. In case your requirement is more than 1 GB, you can opt for its paid storage space. You can get an additional space at a yearly subscription charge.

It offers you 2GB free storage space. You can also claim up to 10.25 GB space if you refer people to sign in to Dropbox and help in increasing its users. It can be downloaded on Firefox and Google Chrome and also works well on iPhone. You can make use of Dropbox even if you are aiming to watch a movie file on iPhone. Dropbox offers automatic file syncing online and transversely on your computers. If you need to share certain folders with different people in order to work on same documents you can do so by using Dropbox. It also helps you access the files that you have already deleted. You can share folders using Dropbox, only those people whom you invite would be able to view these folders.

Windows Live SkyDrive
It provides you free storage space worth 25GB. You are given three folder options: Personal, Public and Private. You can decide as to which one you want depending upon your requirement. You can upload as well as share files with ease using Windows Live SkyDrive. You can keep your shared files as read-only or can give editing rights to the other users. Sky Drive is integrated with Hotmail and enables you to send up to two hundred images at a given point of time.