Data is a precious asset for anyone whether it is any organization’s data or someone’s personal data. Sometimes happens that your data is accidentally deleted due to any reasons like hard disk crashes, or due to presence of malware. But now, you need to get worried because there are many open source tools are available that can help you to recover your data if you are  working on  a Linux OS. Data recovery is the technique that can retrieve data from corrupted or damaged storage media when it cannot be accessed. The storage media can either be your hard disk or can be removable media such as Blu-rays, DVD’s and storage tapes etc. that contains your priceless data. Therefore, it is very crucial and always recommended to have data recovery tools to get your data back before it’s gone forever.

Data backup Tools for Linux Ubuntu 5 Best Data Recovery Tools For Linux 5 Best Data Recovery Tools For Linux data recovery and backup tools

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1. Stellar Phoenix – Stellar Phoenix data recovery tool is one which is used to recover lost data from ext4/3/2, FAT 16/32 file system volumes. It is able to recover data from various kinds of hard disks such as EIDE, SATA, SCSI, and much more. Thus it is a very useful and powerful data recovery tool for Linux users.

2. Linux Disk Recovery – A professional Linux disk recovery agent used to lost data from Linux ext2 and ext3 partitions. A very popular software and mostly used in commercial sectors because of its amazing work and performance. Really an awesome tool to use upon.

3. Advanced data recovery – Another amazing data recovery tool used to recover lost data from ext 2/3 and ReiserFS volumes because of software or hardware crash, bad sectors etc. This incredible tool is compatible with various kinds of hard drives. Really powerful and having very good features.

4. Recover Data for Linux – This tools recovers data from any kind of storage media having Linux partitions like ext2/3. Supports Debian, Caledra, Ubuntu, Slackware, Gentoo, Kubuntu, SCO Linux and much more other kind of Linux platforms. Thus a really useful and trustworthy recovery program to make use for.

5. Nucleus Data Recovery – It recovers deleted data from formatted Linux partitions or hard drives having Ext2FS, Ext3FS, JFS, ReiserFS file system. It performs successful data recovery from Linux partitions and restores deleted files. This tool supports Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSe, Mandrake, Debian and many other Linux platforms. Thus its a very useful and really potential data recovery tool for Linux.

These were a few top listed Backup and recovery tools for Linux platform. If you are a regular Linux user, then might this post helped you in getting something useful here.