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40+ Free Windows 7 Themes you would like to Download

Their are a lot Windows 7 themes out their in the internet world and it becomes to tedious if you want to beautiful themes for windows 7 to make your desktop stand and make it look nice and beautiful,here are some of the beautiful windows 7 themes that I have collected in some time.

Before you go ahead with these nice looking windows 7 themes here is a our another post on windows 7 themes that you might like :-

Top 10+ Best Windows 7 Themes you might want to try

Astral Windows 7 Themes

Firedance Evolution Windows 7 Themes

Zune Longhorn X64 Windows 7 Theme

Vista pink pastel Windows 7 Theme

dEEP 7 2.0 – Windows 7 Themes

NOOTO port to Win7 – Window 7 Themes


Tequilla for win 7 – Window 7 Themes

VeinsVS v1.0 for Windows 7 – Windows 7 Theme

Longhorn Evolution 2.0 –Windows 7 Theme

If you are looking for windows 8.1 themes you can checkout them here.

Vienna Windows 7 Theme

Crescendo Theme for Windows 7

Kyoto 2.0 Windows 7 Themes

Edge 2.0 Windows 7 Theme

Night Line Beta 1 – Windows 7 Theme

Mac 7 theme for Windows 7 Theme

Zune QuickPlay  Theme for Windows 7

Windows Strata40 – Windows 7 Themes

APPOLON THEMES for Windows 7

Longhorn Aero Windows 7 Theme

Acrylic 7 Windows 7 theme

Spot Windows 7 Theme

Elegant-Glass-V2 Windows 7 Themes

Adiemus project Windows 7 themes

Capriccio 7 debug Windows Theme

White Line Beta 3 Windows 7 Themes

Longhorn Evolution Windows 7 Themes

RoBy46 Windows 7 Theme

APPOWS2010 Windows 7 Themes

Sonye Theme for Windows 7

Fudge Windows 7 Theme

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  • Hassan Sheikh

    Very NIce All Theme

  • Hasan

    Installation guide please

  • Hasan

    Please help ! nobody to answer how to install these theme ? i am dizzy about installation

  • rocky

    i don’t know how to install them …how to extract those file? it doesn’t work…please help as soon as possible.
    thank you

  • Beck

    Nice. That’s all so amazing

  • christianomilano

    good choice!!!! i like all theme

  • more themes

    very nyc collection but there is problem with link of some themes

  • Bala Murugan

    this how to install

  • Martynas

    The best and easiest is to download Custo pack tools, just google it. In there you download that program and you will find themes on website like there, so you just press install that theme and custo pack do everythink for you. Hope this helps i’m using custo packs long time and have no problems. Bye!

  • Waqarwazir

    shame its not working

  • Aloeindica

    nice’s really awesome.

  • TechFlashed

    Such a cool themes in one list . Thanks GM

  • satansspawn

    wheres the gothic stuff

  • vinothvinayak

    super i realy wondered

  • Jeher

    Copy the extracted items to C:\windows\resources\themes and then double click it.. Your desktop will be in a new look…..

  • Moha

    very nice Thank you!

  • Pham Thu

    It’s awesome themes collection for Windows 7

  • pinky

    thanks for ur sharing. i m so happy to find out the best themes (visual styles) in one place(ur collection)

  • tanuj korram

    like thems download

  • tanuj korram

    download thems

  • Charlyn Downham

    Hey can I quote some of the insight found in this site if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  • sam

    nice themes but i can’t instal them i’m using a win7 starter how can i apply one

  • me

    how to install these

  • maria

    cn u pls tel m how 2 install or use these themes

  • susan

    i dont know how to install them …haow to extract those file? it doesnt work…please help as soon as possible.
    thank you

  • Pankaj

    Hey Man ! It’s awesome.

  • Prajapati Ashish5151

    it’s like magic one

  • Ragzi K

    how do i use or install these?

  • Discomint

    Wow. I like Zune Quickplay most.

  • ediz

    last theme url is wrong.

  • Themer

    Nice collection you have here.

    There are also some good ones for all versions of windows at

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