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Mac Icons: 25+ Beautiful Apple (Mac OS X Leopard) Icon Pack

Mac Icons: 25+ Beautiful Apple (Mac OS X Leopard) Icon Pack

Although Mac OS X has a very nice looking interface but if you want to customize your Mac OS X to a higher level you will certainly need some icons to do so. BTW, Here we got a guide for those users who would like to Install Windows on Mac too, you can take a look if you love too!

Here are some Mac icon sets that we have collected and hope you will like them.

PaperPlanet Mac Icon Pack

Umiicons full Mac Icon

Prime – Stock Mac Icon Set

A lot of Icons Mac Icon

Broken Mac icons Set

Slick Drives Remake Mac Icon Set

Chakram 2 Mac Icons Set

Apple Mug Icons and Extras

Trash Can Icon for Mac

Exempli Gratia Mac Icons Pack

Black Leopard Icon Set Update

PixeloPhilia2 Mac osx Icons

32px Mantra Mac OS Icon Pack

Colorflow 1.2 “MAC 10.5″ Icon Pack

Onibari Leopard Mac Icon Pack

Rise Aluminium Mac Icon Pack

Absque 32px Mac Icon Set

PoleStack Mac Icons Set

32px Mantra v2 Mac OSX icon Set

HD StorageBox – add on pack Mac Icon Pack

Mini Mac Icon Set

Glass’Now Leopard – Folders Icon for Mac

ALUMI – A taste of Aluminum Mac Icon

Slick Drives Mac Icon Set

W R E N Mac Icon Pack

QuickTime Metal Mac Icon Pack

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  1. what u do is once u have downloaded your icons pack
    now select the icon u want to change hit command i
    now go back and find the new downloaded icons select an icon and press command c
    now go back to the icon u wanted to change and locate the little icon next to the folder name and once that little icon is highlighted press command v

    hope that helps

  2. How to use them! that your question? I have been asking that for a long time too, but I know how to do it now, but keep your original copy as standard since you cannot revert back!

    1: Copy your selected app to your desktop (Icon folder recommended to store themed app with the icon themes)
    2: copy your image (only the part you want)
    3: right click your app and click Get info
    4: click the app icon at the top and press cmd and the V at the same time or click edit and paste
    5: the app should change icon!

    Hope I helped! but remember, keep a extra copy, because you cannot revert back once you change the icon!

  3. Nice and Free Mac icons, thanks for compiling this list :)

  4. how do you use these ?

  5. cuthbert SanthoshBS

    apple products are very good compare to microsoft

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