Mac Icons: 25+ Beautiful Apple (Mac OS X Leopard) Icon Pack



  1. Geek

    How to use them! that your question? I have been asking that for a long time too, but I know how to do it now, but keep your original copy as standard since you cannot revert back!

    1: Copy your selected app to your desktop (Icon folder recommended to store themed app with the icon themes)
    2: copy your image (only the part you want)
    3: right click your app and click Get info
    4: click the app icon at the top and press cmd and the V at the same time or click edit and paste
    5: the app should change icon!

    Hope I helped! but remember, keep a extra copy, because you cannot revert back once you change the icon!

  2. Nice and Free Mac icons, thanks for compiling this list :)

  3. Mrjaxredsox

    how do you use these ?

  4. Great list!
    Thank you!

  5. cuthbert SanthoshBS

    apple products are very good compare to microsoft

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