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How Should Startups Go About Content Marketing in 2016?


Many people claim that businesses that are only starting up are facing an uphill marketing battle. Indeed, these companies must overcome budgetary constraints and anonymity in the digital world. However, they can also enter the level playing field and utilize countless free or inexpensive channels to reach customers. Now, content marketing does take a hefty amount of planning and managing …

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Tech Investing 2016 – Catching The Facebook of Tomorrow

Tech Investing

The Tech Industry and Tech Investing is the single largest investment opportunity in the United States in 2016 and we have covered this topic here in geekersmagazine.com  Tech Investing 2016 – Catching The Facebook of Tomorrow   The Tech Industry is far bigger than the financial sector or the industrial sector. This is so because technology is ever present in our …

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How to Select the Best E-Commerce Shopping Cart System 2016

shoppingcart ecommerce

When you start an online business of your own, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to select the right E-commerce Shopping Cart system. Various e-commerce platforms have come out with different shopping cart solutions, each with their own specific advantages. This is important for two reasons – to help achieve more with less time and within …

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How Does eBay Make Money? The eBay Business Model Explained!


eBay – The internet behemoth, estimated to have a market cap of $28.8 billion and with annual revenues of $8.59 Billion, is easily the world’s biggest online marketplace. Over 100 million people, all over the world, are active participants in the eBay marketplace, either as buyers, or as sellers. This kind of incredible success is all the more amazing because, …

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How Does Amazon Make Money? The Amazon Business Model Explained!

Jeff Bezos

Amazon.com – is easily the world’s largest (by a fair distance) and the most dominant internet retailer, that sells almost anything – from books and DVDs to baby products and women’s apparel, from toys and sports equipment to home and garden tools, from shoes and jewelry to flat-screen TVs and personal computers. There really are very few things under the …

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How to Start a Web Designer Career

Web design is gaining huge popularity not only because of the field where design skill can be applied but also because of the possibility to work remotely. Today, freelancing is one of the strongest trends: to be a freelancer is convenient and profitable if you can create something of high value. If you don’t know who is better to work …

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Apple Watch: Doctor on Your Wrist

apple watch

The most talked about wearable tech these days, is the apple watch and it is certainly a feat of modern technology worth talking about here on geekersmagazine.com Apple Watch: Doctor on Your Wrist Around since the mid 90’s, the first watches had their own OS systems that were more like wearable palm pilots more than anything. Apple ups the functionality …

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Technology that has become an asset for seniors

Technology has become a major part of our society and has helped create many benefits for seniors and you can read about them here on geekersmagazine.com. Most seniors have some knowledge of how to use technology to their advantage, but most have never learned how to use many tech devices that help them in their everyday lives. So how to fix …

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Why is Domain Name the Face of Your Business?

domain name

A domain name is the face of your business in our modern technological world and you can read all about why here on geekersmagazine.com A digital era is upon us, and the borders between the real and the online world are blurred. As a result, figuring out your domain name is as important as choosing your company’s name.  Business domain …

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What Internet Speed Do You Really Need?

Internet Speed

Can you imagine life without the Internet or with a slow internet speed? You can read about it here on geekersmagazine.com. Even if you are an adult, who didn’t have access to the Internet as a child, right now it’s extremely difficult to imagine a different world where we’re not all connected. The online life is completely intertwined with the …

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