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OverPlay VPN Review – The OverPlay Advantage


You need a proxy server you can trust, that offers the protection and anonymity you seek when you surf the web or exchange payment information online. The following review will focus on the features of Overplay VPN. The VPN service so selected by you should have a fast and reliable internet connection, great customer support and should have a large …

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7 Things to Consider Before Your Next Business Conference


Business conferences are always lucrative as they bring along the prospect to meet loads of people in your industry and interact with the sharpest minds of the industry. You encounter opportunities where you can amalgamate with the passionate people of your field and can get yourself visible amongst the masses which can reap you enormous benefits perpetually. But, if you …

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IPVanish VPN Review – What is IPVanish and Why You Need It?


IPVanish is the most popular VPN provider out there in the marketplace. Before we tell you more about IPVanish, let’s talk about why you need to get a VPN service in the first place. As much as we would like to believe we are safe when we surf online, the fact is, none of us truly are.  Every single time …

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New mobile technologies we will see by 2020

CC BY-NC-ND by The DEMO Conference

A lot can change in five years, especially when it comes to mobile technologies, which are always evolving and improving. So, what developments can we hope to see in mobile technology by 2020, and how is it expected to affect our lives day to day? To begin with, it looks as though Android will most likely release a maps App, which, alongside recent …

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Leveraging Offline Products for Promoting Your Brand


Online marketing becomes more popular every year for businesses of all sizes however for effective Business Marketing you should still leverage offline products to promote your Brand. SEO, PPC, email and social media are popular because they are affordable, measurable and highly effective. However, that does not mean that businesses have no place for offline marketing techniques anymore. Print marketing is still …

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Responsive Web Design: The Answer to “Mobilegeddon”


Responsive web design is everywhere these days. It makes websites that function in it compatible with the size of any screen, be it a phone, tablet or computer. I remember when I got my first cellphone that I could use to access the internet. I had an LG Fusic that had to display pages in parts and often couldn’t do …

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Creating a Tech Startup? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

tech startup

Being your own boss sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? It’s a dream many of us have, yet it requires strong entrepreneurial spirit and skill to actually put into motion. There’s also the point that it’s a lot more work than most folks realize. Ask any budding tech founder today, and they’ll tell you before they hit it big they were scraping …

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4 Must Have Stock Market Apps for Your Smartphone

Stock market

Whether you trade actively on the stock market or are a long-term investor who needs to keep a check on his or her investments, the 4 must have stock market apps reviewed here offer all the support you need. These stock market apps will assist you to make a trade, access the latest financial market news and to check your …

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5 Indispensable Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Conversion


In the digital world, if you don’t show up on the first page of search engine, you don’t exist. Going a little further, amidst the aggressive marketing and cut-throat competition, the race is redefined to reach the pinnacle, i.e. being able to survive in the competition and be an aggressive seller! While the person surfing the internet may sometime bother …

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Is Big Data Key to Successful Business Operation?

Big Data

Running a successful business generally involves working to keep up with all of the latest technology. Although this can be a solid business model, it doesn’t always make for the most financially stable one, leading many business owners to skip out on the tech that isn’t directly relevant to their day to day business operations. The method certainly saves some …

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