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The origins of the internet


The internet provides a cornerstone on which many modern innovations: in business, leisure and every other sector besides, are built. The origins of such an epochal invention are rightly a topic of huge fascination for technological and social historians. However, the fragmented nature of the work that went into the formation of the modern internet and the lack of a …

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What is YouTube Downloader

YTD offers a free downloader that allows you to easily download HD Youtube videos (1080p) along with many other sites. Downloading HD video is made easy with YTD. Downloading video shouldn’t be complicated and the interface is super easy to use. Just paste a URL into the interface, click download and then Youtube Downloader takes care of the rest. YTD’s free Youtube …

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Augment your Education with the Intel 2 in 1 Technology

The Intel has come up with an Education initiative for the betterment of the youth of our country. It unveils the 2 in 1 device i.e. tablet cum laptop device with a special reference to the students and fulfilling all their basic necessities in the respective device. The Intel South Asia has given their full emphasis on the range of …

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Are Mobile Phones The Next Big Target For Cybercriminals?

2014 was the worst year so far for cybercrime with security breaches reaching a record high early on. 2015 is looking to outpace the previous year’s abysmal numbers as all 5 major browsers were compromised in seconds at Hewlett Packard’s “Pwn2Own” white-hat hacking contest, exposing dozens of vulnerabilities. The bright side is that the main purpose of the contest is …

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Smart Content Writing Tips for Creating Unique SEO-Friendly Content


SEO writing is all about catering to your audience’s thirst for high quality content. You can enhance the overall search engine ranking by composing informative, engaging, compelling and relevant content. There are a few fundamental content writing tips that should be followed for enhancing your SEO rankings, boosting your website traffic and generating more leads. Here are some effective content …

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Educational technology is changing the classroom

Elementary classrooms across the nation are in a state of reorganization and change as a result of the development of educational technology. Hundreds of teachers are revamping the way in which they teach their students in order to both keep them engaged and encourage creative critical thinking skills. In doing so, modern educators are preparing students to live successfully in a technological world. But …

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How Technology Can Help You Choose the Best Texas Electric Provider

Texas electric providers

It is common for commercial electricity consumers to have a difficult time when shopping for electricity providers in Texas. This is because, unlike in the past when only one electricity provider existed, today there are countless of them. Because of the numerous providers around, getting the best out of the many might be a problem. Are you looking for an …

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Develop your career with exciting Career Tips

As we all know that development of the career is an important aspect of our life. We always want to look for the opportunities that will shape our future in an accurate manner. You are in a difficult position when you are not aware about what to do in the future. In such a case, there is a need to …

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Boost Your Medical Career With Medical PowerPoint Templates


Nowadays, businesses are getting smarter due to improvements taking place in technological sphere. Many developments are taking place in medical industry too. With the efforts put by the governments of respective countries, you can see facilities sprawling up in different medial fields. In order to present ideas or future plans, doctors and other medical professionals are taking help of PowerPoint …

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A Step-By-Step Guideline on Creating A Simple iPhone Game Using Flash CS5

When the initial version of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 was released in 2010, its performance was extremely slow even    for the most simplistic games. With the CS5.5 update, the errors were fixed and Flash became a reliable option for creating simple iPhone games. Developing games in Flash is really easy. Don’t underestimate simplicity; Flash CS5 enables you to create a …

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