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How to use Skype to Record Calls or Interviews with Hot Recorder (windows)

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Hot Recorder is one of the most effective tools to record any VoIP call, not only Skype. However, if you are a Skype user you can rest assured that it is a tool that’s very well integrated with the Skype application. Below are the steps to do the same: Set Up Skype to Record Calls: Installing and using Hot Recorder is about as simple as it gets. There is virtually no setup. After you run the install and launch the application, it attaches to your Skype window. Whenever you move your Skype window around the screen, the Hot Recorder window stays attached at the upper left edge. Skype logo There are a few things that you may want to configure in Hot Recorder depending on your preferences. For example, in the options menu, you can assign a folder on your computer to save all of the audio files. The Sound Quality and Recording Type settings are also important because they will ultimately determine how quickly the size of your audio file grows. If you have a huge hard drive and are only recording the call for yourself, by all means keep the sound quality high and use Stereo sound. However, if your intent is to email the file or you’d like to store it on smaller media that does not have quite as much storage capacity; you may want to consider using Medium or Low quality.

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How to Change Windows 8 Start Menu Background Colors

windows 8 screenshot

In newly launched Windows 8 you will find “green” as primary background color for copious user interface elements, ranging from Start Menu, Search, Share, and Setting pane, to User tiles and Login screen. If you are into customize Windows 8 new user boundary elements, you might like to alter the background color of Start Menu, right-side pane, login screen, etc. In this post I am going to cover 2 methods for altering Windows 8 Start Menu, Login Screen, Search, split, and Settings pane. (It must be noted that following methods can only be applied on 64-bit edition of Windows 8 Developer Build; you may not need to apply tweaks on final version of Windows 8, as it will have an in-built option to change background color of Metro user interface elements). Both methods require advance read and write administrative privileges. You can either use Rizone Take Ownership tool to quickly replace the basic read and access permissions for System 32 system files with full read and write control or manually change System32 folder permissions from Advance Security dialog box accessible from Properties –> Security tab. windows 8 screenshot But before doing anything create backup of both uxtheme.dll and shsxs.dll files at a convenient location before applying tweaks. It is a very simple process and you can do it easily. So go ahead and follow the given points.

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8 Free Best Media Players for Windows

windows 7 logo

Everyone love to watch videos and for this they require some media player. So media Players are very necessary tool for everyone. But choosing right media player for your operating system is a little tough task. But because of this reasons I am explaining some of the coolest media players which can be found easily and will always gives you a smooth performance. VLC Media Player: VLC is one of the best media players and is liked by everyone. windows 7 logo This magical tool is lightweight, portable and is capable of playing almost any video format. VLC can even be used as a streaming media server, can play DVD’s, can be used as an audio decoder, and doesn’t require external, extra codec’s to run. VLC can also escort customizable skins, as well as nearly every operating system that exists (Mac, Windows and Linux). According to me it is the best media player till now. So you must try it once. If you will not try the you will miss something really good.

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