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Top 10+ Best Windows 7 Themes you might want to try

If You are now running Windows 7, you should read our previous posts relating to ‘speed up windows 7.’

Windows 7 is the first ever operating system from Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user feedback in mind. It is much more faster and better looking than Vista. If you are one of those users looking to upgrade or buy Windows 7, then you should definitely look out for some custom made themes. If you are running windows 7 already, then you want to pretty up your desktop and load new Windows 7 themes (temas para windows 7).

You will need to make sure that the file is suitable for Windows 7, then simply download and install. The themes we will cover are all featured on DeviantArt. Check them out and go grab yourself one that you like. Today here we present you 11 Best windows 7 themes (temas para windows 7) created by DeviantArt users.

Let us know what your favorites are and if you find any others, let us know in the comments!

TerraNova Windows 7 Themes – Beta

Nightfall Windows 7 Theme

Soft7 1.7 Windows 7 Themes

Gel XP Blue windows 7 Theme

For more Windows How to tutorial go to here.

Clearscreen Sharp Windows7 Themes

Neon Windows 7 Theme

Aero DS style Windows 7 Theme

Alternative Windows 7 Theme

Win7-Blend Windows 7 Theme

Ribbon Windows 7 Themes

Red Fusion Windows 7 Themes


  1. How to download the themes ? And how to install neon theme ? pm me(fb fendy dropbasskicker )

  2. Interesting…. your ABOUT US still has all the Latin content filter you find with free web templates I think someone forgot to fill that in.

  3. Giguashhvili99

    how to install neon theme please

  4. how can i download the themes???
    please help

  5. Wow, great themes! All our employees have downloaded it. Now we each have seperate themes. Very cool! Thanks.
    Peter Shen, founder

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