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5 Best Free Photo Editing Android apps

The Android Apps Market may still lag behind the iPhone App Store in terms of variety and quality, but In last few months, developers have whipped up some great Android Apps. Whether you’re a new Android owner or a pro looking for new tools, these 10 great and free apps belong in your arsenal.

Android cameras just keep getting better. They’ve got great movie-making capabilities, killer flashes, and the megapixels are on the rise with each new Android device that hits the market.

So Today here we are presenting 5 cool Android Apps for taking advantage of your Android device’s camera.

1. Mobile Mobile android app was developed for Android by Adobe Systems, and everyone know Adobe phtoshop is grand father of photo editing software. has some cool features like crop and rotate images, adjust color and apply effects but lacks some important features like photo filters and a wide range of visual effects and a bit slow too. Hence It’s not as highly rated as similar free phtoto editing apps.

2. PicSay

Picsay is a powerful photo editor Android app, and anyone can use it easily due to its simple interface. Picsay lets users correct color, crop images, add text in word balloons, and apply special effects. Picsay pro android app also available for $3.83 In this users can remove red-eye and apply more effects.

3. FxCamera

FxCamera android app was developed for Android by ymst. This android app lets users apply a bunch of fun, cool effects to photographs like ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol and many more..

4. Finger Paint

Finger Paint is Android’s touch painting application. Simple, Easy, and Fun! It’s a touchscreen interface that allows the user to color and draw over photos or other images.

5. Camera Illusion

Camera Illusion android app lets you process photos in real-time, previewing and taking amazing pictures with filters, effects and masks. In Camera illusion android app there is an ASCII filter if you want to get truly nerdy.


  1. lets you cut out and replace pieces of your photos.

  2. I want picnik for android!!!!! I love the photo editing picnik has I want it for lg ally android!

  3. Where can it be, i would like to read more about this particular article, thank you.

  4. Very nice site! is it yours too

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