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Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Google Chrome’s popularity is rising day by day, but still it is lagging from firefox. Most of web developers and designers use firefox because of its addons and plugins which make it more earier, flexible according to their requirements. But now the some features are available in google chrome because Chrome’s extension support launched, the browser has become a much more viable tool for web designers and web developers. In this post we’ll feature 10 of the most useful Chrome extensions for designers and developers.

MeaureIt! Chrome Extensions

You can Draw out a ruler that will help you get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.

Firebug Lite Chrome Extensions

Firebug Lite chrome extension allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page, very useful tool for web developers.

Pendule Chrome Extensions

Pendule chrome extension is one the best tool for web developers and designers. It displays linked and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab.

Google Tasks Chrome Extensions

Google Tasks extension allows you to access Google Tasks from any web page at any time.

Resolution Test Chrome Extensions

Resolution Test extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions with an option to define your own resolutions.

Aviary Screen Capture Chrome Extensions

Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications. Plus convenient access to the Aviary website and tools.

Eye Dropper Chrome Extensions

Eye Dropper and Color Picker extension which allows you to pick color from any webpage or from advanced color picker.

Chrome Sniffer Chrome Extensions

Chrome Sniffer extension will help web developer to inspect web framework / CMS and javascript library running on current browsing website. An icon will appear on address bar indicates the detected framework.

Chrome SEO Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome SEO Extension make your SEO tasks easier with Chrome SEO Tools, includes ‘all’ the stats and data you need.

META SEO inspector Chrome Extensions

META SEO inspector useful chrome extension to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.


  1. Wonderful information i have noted.

  2. Legend! I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep it coming!

  3. You could also check out MediaPlus for Chrome. MediaPlus lets you move, resize, download, magnify and do more with media content like flash movies, images, games, HTML5 videos, etc.
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  4. Virtual Piano Chrome Extension:

  5. very nice list, thanks

  6. Firebug is the only thing which is why im still using firefox !

  7. Alexander Ljungstrom

    Thanks alot!

  8. i have to say, firebug for chrome sucks… but chrome is a great browser, fast, light and stable…

  9. perfect!! no more firefox beach balls!

  10. Wow! Great information.You are right most web designer and web developer are using firefox because his add on is so easy to chrome comfortable because his add on now easy to use.thank for very good informative information.thank for that.

  11. Wow, most excellent tips dude. Well done.

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  12. Sorry, but couldn’t get past the glaring typo: “MeaureIt! Chrome Extensions”

  13. Am I the only one who never uses firefox, because the program is incredibly slow/heavy?

    I mean, occasionally when I want to use firebug, I’ll bust it out, but generally I switch between Safari, and Chrome whenever I run into a bugg

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