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Monday , 20 February 2017
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Free vpn services and clients

20 Free VPN Services for secure site Connection

What is VPN? Do you know the answer? No, then don’t worry here is your answer about VPN.

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure (internet ) to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization’s network. At some of the places like offices, schools, colleges and in any organization some sites are restricted by the network administrator on the LAN network. But by using VPN services you can access any of your favorite website at your network even when the site is restricted on the network. Because your IP address is hidden while accessing the internet via VPN and you are fully protected from online hackers which accessing with your passwords, credit card numbers and bank transfers.

Free vpn services and clients vpn 20 Free VPN Services for secure site Connection vpn services

One more main question which arises here is that How VPN works? You can see below in the image the working of the VPN while using the VPN services there is secure tunnel is obtained between the servers of VPN and your computer which gives you the secure browsing on the internet. Most of the VPN services are paid but here I will show you the list of 20 Free VPN services which can be used to access restricted sites anytime, anywhere.

Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN is a simple user interface to connect or disconnect to VPN servers. it is based on open VPN which encrypts and anonymizes network your network connection and no one can track your network connection while accessing any of the sites. It can be used by any individual who simply wants to protect his privacy, either on a LAN or a public hotspot. so, just download this software and enjoy with your network connection with full privacy.

Download Ultra VPN

Anchor Free

Anchor Free is a free VPN service provided by Host spot shield which is the most popular VPN service provider. Anchor free hss protects your network connection from online identity thefts, hide your ip address for privacy and unblock all the restricted works on the your PC as well as on MAC, including new operating systems (Windows 7 and Snow Leopard).

Download Anchor Free

Cyber Ghost

Cyber ghost is also the one of the good VPN service provider which offers a 1GB/month amount of traffic space for its users. it works on all the operating systems and you can acces any website privately because your IP address becomes hidden.

Download Cyber Ghost


JAP is an software which is written in java language but it is a very good software from the security point of view while accessing the restricted websites on your network. it also has an jondos anonymity test which when runs on your pc will give you all the information regarding IP, header or other important information which your browser sends to website.

Download JAP


Packetix is website which have a software free as well as premium software. for free users you just have to install software on your pc ans enter your free licence number and you are ready to access any website on your network. this is based on a tunnel base to access a data between your pc and servers.

Download PacketiX

Hide IP

Hide IP offers a free account for its costumers on thier servers located in UK and US. its is very easy to install and use software which hides your IP which accessing internet on Hide IP.

Download Hide IP


PacketiX.NET is a free service for its users using a client but actuall it is a premium just have to download VPN client which will automatically connects you to online test environment so that you are able to access restricted sites at any location.

Download PacketiX.NET

The Free VPN

Free VPN Services allows you to access blocked websites and watch,,, abroad. you can use Vo IP software like Skype if it’s blocked and Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs.

Download The Free VPN


G-Pass enable its user for free anonymous web surfing which protects your identity during support for streaming audio/video, email, instant messaging, download managers, as well as web surfing.

Download G-Pass

Log me In

Log me in also provides a useful help while accessing restricted sites over the internet. it is very easy to use as you just needs to register an account for free and 100% free for non-commercial use with up to 16 clients. Perfect for gamers and home networking.

Download Log me In

Link ideo

Link ideo is the best service for VPN because it creates an link between your computer and its servers so that all the data you access moved in between by a tunnel which hides your IP address and provides you a top security.

Download Link ideo

Your Freedom

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don’t need to know. Just download our client application and install or just run it on your PC.

Download Your Freedom

Project loki

Loki Network Project is free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server. It gives an opportunity to protect your private data (IP address, e-mail/FTP/HTTP passwords, web-sites visited, uploaded/downloaded files and etc…) and bypass certain Internet access limitations you may have at your location.

Download Project Loki

Security Kiss

Security Kiss is a software based on tunnel service which hides your IP address and redirects all your online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to our security gateway. it protects you from online identity theft and secures your passwords, credits card numbers, your online shopping details.

Download Security Kiss

Open VPN

Open VPN is also the one of the good privacy service provider which enables you to access your restricted websites at your LAN connection or network connection. Open VPN Client can run in various modes ranging from a simple remote user accessing the private network resources to remote gateway interconnecting multiple private networks.

Download Open VPN

Its Hidden

Its Hidden is the ultimate free surfing privacy service present on the internet. it offers free as well as paid service for its users and its free service offers 5 GB bandwidth and 128 bit secure network connection. ot works on all the operating systems such as mac, windows, linux etc.

Setup Its Hidden Services

VPN Tool

VPN tool is a software who anonymize and secure all your Internet traffic and replace your IP address and protects your computer from internet attacks and intrusions. simply download the software ans instantly you will recive an username and password via email.

Download VPN Tool

Super VPN

Super VPN is a service used mostly for USA/Germany user with no limits i.e used as unlimited amount of traffic without any restriction. its servers are also located in USA/Germany which provides high speed internet connection with 128 bit encryption.

Download Super VPN


Proxyxpn is a free service to secure your all types of connections from DSL and Cable to 3G which gives you 100% privacy when accessing internet.proxpn is available to download for windows,mac as well as iphone.

Download Proxpn


Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service which can be used for accessing Internet even by hiding your own IP address. It is available for PC (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7) as well as Mac. For anonymous use of Internet, you can use Hotspot Shield VPN service.

Download Hotspot


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  1. with the best regard
    i m from block country ,our country like a big prison 🙂
    its very good .
    i have to say i need your help to get free world

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  3. Hi, can any of these apps work in Ghana or West Africa?

  4. hi would u mind send me a vpn…tnx

  5. I am using Hotspot Shield Free VPN. However free version is ad supported, but its good from all other available free vpn’s. You can surf anonymously and access all blocked websites using HSS.

    Check it out here:

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  10. I use to watch Hulu from China and everything works great.

  11. Thanks. And this free vpn service is really great. I have been using it for a long time. Highly recommended!

  12. I don’t see my VPN provider here, maybe you should add it. UKiVPN have hooked me up since 2008 and now they’ve got Sky Go access too, without need for UK credit card.  Unlike the free VPNs, they’re unlimited and fast enough to stream video. 

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  24. Please is there any hide IP for andriod phones and galaxy tab.

  25. A good OpenVPN service is, I used it a while back from China. I liked the customized installer and that you didn`t have to enter your user/pass every damn time you connected.


  27. @ Prevodilacka Agencija, Greg..I was looking for good vpn service now, can any guys help with this?

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  29. I researched appropriate VPN service and I found SuperbVPN and I must admit I am very satisfied! Their services are highly effective and affordable!

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  32. I also use Super VPN and I am very pleased with their services! With private VPN account I can bypass firewall, visit all blocked web sites, watch TV online, listen radio, access Flickr, YouTube, use Skype and more.

  33. Pls can you send me how to use VPN in Dubai?
    I need more VPN settings on how to used hotspot shield..
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  35. http://www.redvpn.netReally good free vpn service. USA based pptp vpn service.No need to install the additional software.Works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, Iphone, Anodroid devices.

  36. The free VPN list is some out of date. Here is a new free VPN

  37. I cannot download hotspot shield in dubai u.a.e.tell me the way how can i download this here.

  38. Great post.I am already using Super VPN Services and I am very satisfied with their free services.

  39. Over the last 4 years I was searching to get a reliable VPN and I tried many free,
    and paid, but at the end I’m currently using vonmessenger from
    for more than one year, and it’s really a reliable service it’s free to try, but
    after first 4 hours user have to charge his account and buy units, it’s cheap
    3 Euro enough for 120 hours online with VPN.
    It’s very secure because I discovered it’s not only a VPN service, but my Internet
    traffic actually go through the VPN service + what they call it TCP encrypted
    tunnels acting as proxies so simple it’s VPN service + proxy at the same time

    Good luck to everybody

  40. There is currently running a campaign on where you can get a vpn premium account for free.

  41. Great share mate.I am using Super VPN Service but I didnt know that there is many other Free VPN services.I am very satisfied with mine but I will also try others.Thank you for sharing this.

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