With the help of modern technologies, games can now be downloaded through the internet. For people who are using Android gadgets and phones, there are a lot of choices in the app store for free games. This is great news especially for those who want to have fun without spending too much.

Although paid games may have more features, free games for Android are more practical but still very amusing and fun. Free games for Android devices have been trending a lot for many Android users. So if you want to download free games but do not have any idea which once you should chose, here are 10 free games for Android that have been trending this 2015:

•    Cut The Rope 2
This is an addicting gravity-based game that features different stages and challenges. Om Nom, the hero of this game, finally breaks out of his box and travels through different places for candy. This is still based on the first Cut The Rope game.

•    Lego Bionicle
Your kids will definitely enjoy this game since it features Lego heroes. This free game for Android has great graphics and easy controls and a goal to get rid of bad guys that make the game fun and exciting. It also has no in app purchases which is very rare for free games in Android devices.

•    Dots
Got a thing about puzzles? Dots may be the best game for you. It features dots that you need to connect and earn points in a certain period of time and moves. If you simply want to have some quiet time and de-stress, then you can try the Zen mode of this game.

•    Plants Vs Zombies 2
Yes, still one of the best free games is Plants Vs Zombies 2. The recent updates on the zombies, plants and the levels made the game more exciting. Each round has a new task and new landscape which will challenge your wit and speed.

•    Candy Crush Saga
Still one of the long-standing trending games for Android. Candy Crush Saga is a colorful game that is too addictive for most of the people who download it.

•    Dumb Ways to Die
A reminder from Metro that accidents may happen anytime, anywhere. Dumb Ways to Die is a free game that will challenge your reflexes to save the characters from dying in a dumb way.

•    Minecraft
If you are fond of Lego and building blocks, then Minecraft is a great game for Android for you. This free game lets you build buildings, houses and other structures. There is also a paid game, Minecraft Pocket Edition which also features survival and creative modes.

•    Beach Buggy Blitz
Want to download an Android game that features racing, different pretty worlds and great power ups and upgrades but with a very cute graphics? Beach Buggy Blitz can give you all these and more!

•    Tiny Thief
This entertaining game for Android is perfect for your smart phone. The game features humor in the story line and easy navigation via tapping. However, only half of this game is free.

•    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
From the pc to the smart phones, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft includes heroes and foes in great graphics and game play. So if you are looking for a free RPG-like game for Android, then this might just fit your preference.