Sometimes it happens when you didn’t get the correct words that the song actually has. This happens because of many reasons and to get those unidentified or missing words there are a number of options available presently. In the options many websites are there to check lyrics online free of cost.

Music Notes - free song lyrics 10 Sites to check Songs lyrics for Free 10 Sites to check Songs lyrics for Free Music Notes free song lyrics

To sing a correct song by taking the help of these websites is a better option than singing of a song with incorrect lyrics. Everyone wants to have best and top options for this and here are best of them where you can have correct lyrics of every song.


It is a best lyrics finding community where you can find any song from a large database via many options like Now playing, Top Rating songs, New releases etc.

2. Letsingit will give not only lyrics but also many other information like album tracklists, pictures, biographies and many other.

3. MetroLyrics
This will offers you a very awesome service of getting lyrics in plain text form as well as its video and song for free.

4. LyricsMode

A large database of song’s lyrics where you can find unlimited lyrics at free of cost. Also provides you to post any lyrics to your site with the flash widget, view videos for most popular lyrics and request or submit lyrics.

5. Lyrics Planet

A most popular old website to find song’s lyrics of atmost old age where you can get any lyrics you want to from the 90’s times very quickly.

6. LyricsWiki

This site will not only able you to search for lyrics by songs, artists, or other but also view, edit and discus it.

7. Azlyrics

It means from A to Z in alphabetical order by artists where you can get the lyrics and also it will become search very easy than it is.

8. Lyrics Search Engine

This is an website where you can get unlimited number of lyrics with an clean, easily usable interface, popularity charts where there is an list having current hits.

9. Lyrics Spot

Lyrics Spot provides will provides the best lyrics but also offers a cd cover having the image of the artist of that song you are looking for.

10. Lyrics Freak

Also a best option to find different songs from a large database with the help of artists, albums, genres.

See, how internet has become so vast. With just a single click you can listen songs online, can know their lyrics and even can download them legally.