How To Download Instagram Videos [Best Ways]

download videos from instagram

Today’s article is the answer to question i.e. How to Download Instagram Videos? And if you’re looking for answers to the same question we highly recommend you must check this article.

We all know that few day’s back Instagram announced a new feature using which you can share 15 second video and not the only the images with your friends and loved once. And if you have a habit to download videos, then we’re feeling delighted to share with you that you can also download videos from Instagram which is shared by your friends.

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Top 14 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

Online conference calls aren’t just for large corporations anymore. Video call conferencing enable communication between just a few people to literally thousands. Currently there is a whole host of extremely capable and polished VoIP applications available offering free calls pc to pc calls and very cheap calls pc to landlines and cell phones. Here is the list of application/software that enables you to make free conference calls/video conferencing anywhere in the world.

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Top 5 free Microsoft Office Alternatives

microsoft office alternatives

Microsoft Office has been the King over a long period of time for office applications, but a change has been noticed in the last few years, a lot of free alternatives for Microsoft Office have emerged off late. They can be accessed in any workspace having an internet connection. So, with these alternatives, you can access word documents, spreadsheets and presentations at ease without keeping your wallet in mind.
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5 Most Addictive Games for Android Phones


Are you a game freak like me? Then this post, will surely be of your interest. Many people have addiction to drugs or  alcohol but some people out here, have addiction to games! The  Android games, which have discussed below, are so addictive that  you can’t last a day without playing a few hours with them (seriously!) These app  games will  keep you so engaged, thrilled, and motivated which you would have ever imagined. Continue reading

Clean up Your Whatsapp Media With WCleaner Beta

wpcleaner for android

One app that has shown a tremendous growth and earned a real praise from it’s users, is Whatsapp. Whatsapp has become a standard from which all other smartphone messengers are judged. Neat and clean ad-free user interface, group chat, videos and image sharing, it possess everything that a perfect private chat app should have. It saves all your conversation in an encrypted form on your SD card also and as the time and the amount of your account’s data increases, more of your memory space will be consumed by it. Therefore, it becomes to necessary to free up that space time to time. So that, you can reuse that space for saving other useful stuff that was initially wasted on saving those old conversations. I am using the word “waste” because of the 2 reasons- first you can’t read your encrypted chats directly on your device (you need to decrypt it first using python or another method) and second, not every user concerns about saving his old conversations that he can’t even read (restore though). There should be a solution that can make this job easier for you. And you know what, we have a good news for the Android users. They can now manage all their Whatsapp data with the help of WCleaner Beta. Continue reading