LinkedIn or Facebook – What works best for Professionals?

LinkedIn Facebook

So what’s better for professionals, LinkedIn or Facebook? Actually, this is one of the easiest questions one could ask, as, no surprise, LinkedIn wins the fight hands down. Yes, Facebook has over 1.35 billion members while LinkedIn has 350 million. Yes, Facebook is the World’s Social Network, while LinkedIn operates in a particular niche. Yes, Facebook has a gigantic market ...

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Understanding the Differences Between 4K Televisions and LEDs

philip tv

Back in the day when looking for a big screen television you would simply walk into a store, find the size you were looking for and make a purchase. Those days have now changed. Not only are there various sizes to choose from and brands to choose from, there are now formats to choose from. Five or ten years ago, when flat screen televisions ...

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Cool Health Tech That’s Taking the Weight off Professionals


Our recent advancements in technology have been nothing short of astounding. Although improvements in the lives of people through technological innovations have been widespread, perhaps the industry that has been most positively impacted by new tech is healthcare. Technology, such as wearable medical devices, are profoundly changing healthcare as we know it for the better. Wearable technology is playing a ...

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How to Get More Twitter Followers – Social Media Tips You Can Use!


Are you one of those people who are absolutely crazy about Twitter? Twitter is an insanely addictive medium; it is an obsession with many – an obsession that simply does not go away. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to get more Twitter followers. It’s quite simple really – create great content, engage with your followers and make your Twitter account a ...

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The Future of Urban Cycling – High Tech Smart Bike

high tech smart bike

  This month, a new sleekly designed high tech smart bike was released in the US and Canada. Meet the Vanhawks Valour, the first Bluetooth connected bike built from carbon fiber. Reinventing urban transportation, this groundbreaking bike could completely change the way city cyclers ride in our digitally connected age. The first archetype of the bicycle was introduced by a ...

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Top RPG Games for Your Android Device

RPG is popular for many gamers because they allow the gamers to choose the character they want to play and modify the character the way they want. RPG games for Android devices allow gamers to play outside of their homes and even offline. There are many game developers who invest in offline and online RPG games for android because of ...

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One of the most sought after phones is the iPhone. It is no wonder why this phone always get tremendous amount of demand; iPhones are known to have state of the art technology and unique features that separates it from many of its competitors. This is why the best applications are made to be compatible with the iPhone OS. Apps ...

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What a Fridge Magnet Can Do?

Fun, Technology and Family. All 3 important things that goes well in one gadget. This is not your typical DIY fridge magnet. Who would believe that Invoxia Smart Fridge Magnet can be a new tool in bridging communication. With a touch of a button you can reach any member of the family using your smartphone. Imagine a 5.7 x 5.7 ...

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Online Shopping Redefined: Save Big with Online Coupons


Over the last few years the e-commerce industry has progressed by leaps and bounds to a stage where it has become the preferred mode of shopping for several consumers. There are numerous websites offering great deals on a variety of products. As such, it is quite easy for a customer to get carried away and go on a purchasing spree- ...

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Docker’s App Container Software Set to Broadside the Market


  Halfway through 2015, several developments in cloud tech are signaling a continued and escalating level of industry investment in apps for the cloud, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Application container developer Docker has announced their commercial software will now be generally available through subscription. The software allows businesses to create, store, and share applications securely, on premises, or in the cloud. Previously, it was ...

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